The Best Writing Space for You

Does your Muse find you anyplace with a pen/pad, laptop, or desktop computer? Or do you find inspiration in a special space--at the library, outside in the park, on a plane, or in your office? I'd love to know what works for you and why.

I write mostly in the solitude of my office--well, almost solitude. My loyal Shih Tzu, Mimi, often shares the space. She adds her own levity to the silence. In this creative space, words seem to flow, characters show up often with their own names, background, and special personality. However, if I've been intense for too long, Mimi gives me the I-need-to-go-out-look. Often just the break I need. 

I mostly write nonfiction. I can easily get lost in the overwhelming research maze. For organizing lots of stuff or editing my own work or that of a client, I find the white noise--people milling around and talking--in Barnes & Noble or Starbucks most conducive.

The habit and expectation of how and where we write--that special space--preps us to do our best work. Be intentional about your choice of writing space and see if your work doesn't go more smoothly. It's worth a try.